Georgia PTA Statement on Culturally Responsive Curricula

Since our founding, PTA has been the conscience of the country when it comes to issues that affect children and youth. Georgia PTA believes students should have an honest and fair understanding of how our nation’s history has unfolded, and we encourage and support the implementation of diverse and inclusive curricula. We are committed to the creation of innovative curricula and the necessary accompanying professional development that supports culturally and linguistically-responsive teaching and learning so that the history of all students— including, but not limited to, African American, Latino(a), Native American, Asian and LGBTQ groups—is accurately represented and taught.

Culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning and an inclusive curricula are imperative in building socially competent and aware children and youth, in addition to, enhancing their intellectual capability and psychosocial well-being. This includes recognizing racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and other issues in the world to develop a student’s awareness to openly address these situations. Kids deserve age-appropriate and accurate history lessons in our public schools, which will enable them to become the critical thinkers we need to make a more just, prosperous, and equitable country.

PTA is committed to advocating for inclusive K-12 curricula, multicultural resources, and materials to empower students and families of all backgrounds to understand themselves more effectively in relation to others. Classrooms that acknowledge accurate diverse histories and cultures break down existing barriers and create supportive and inclusive schools that encourage students to grow and learn in the safest and most empowering spaces possible.

At Georgia PTA, we loudly use our voices to demand more for our kids and ensure they can become all that they can be. Our association remains committed to tackling tough—but necessary—conversations to ensure access to a better education and create a better future for all children.