The Georgia Department of Education

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) oversees primary and secondary public education in the state of Georgia. Its mission is to provide leadership, guidance and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students and prepare them for success in the global economy. Under the leadership of the commissioner of education, the GaDOE carries out the following functions:

  • Administers the distribution of state and federal funding to public schools;
  • Administers the statewide assessment program and accountability system;
  • Provides support to the State Board of Education (SBOE) in the development of the statewide curriculum;
  • Assists the SBOE in the instructional materials adoption process and managing the instructional materials distribution process;
  • Administers a data collection system on public school information;
  • Performs the administrative functions and services of the State Board for Educator Certification;
  • Supports agency operations, including carrying out duties related to the Quality Basic Education (QBE)
  • Monitors for compliance with certain federal and state guidelines.

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State Board of Education

The State Board of Education (SBOE) is composed of 14 members appointed by the Governor. Together, the members of the SBOE, the Superintendent of Education, and the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) facilitate the operation of the Georgia public school system consisting of more than 218 school districts and charter schools, over 2,300 campuses, 109,000 educators, and almost 1.9 million public school children.

The SBOE adopts rules and establishes policies that govern a wide range of educational programs and services provided by Georgia public schools. The SBOE’s duties include:

  • Overseeing the investment of the Quality Basic Education (QBE) Fund which help funds public schools;
  • Mandating what Georgia students are taught and what classroom teachers must teach through the Georgia Standards of Excellence;
  • Selecting textbooks and instructional materials from which Georgia school districts chose;
  • Approving the creation or revocation of open-enrollment charter schools;
  • Adopting rules governing teacher and administrator certification and ethics as proposed by the State Board for Educator Certification
  • Setting goals for the Georgia public school system and adopting four-year plans for meeting those goals.

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