Healthy Habits School Materials for Parents

Lysol, our Leadership Sponsor for the 104th Annual Convention Leadership Training held this past June and in collaboration with NEA and National PTA presented Healthy Habits to our members.  Like Lysol, we believe the best weapon against germs is knowledge. As part of the Healthy Habits Program, Lysol developed these valuable teacher resources to help teachers and parents educate students about minimizing the spread of germs and creating clean, safe environments.

Even the simplest techniques can make a big difference. For example, did you know that teaching proper hand hygiene in schools has been shown to reduce student absenteeism and family illness?

You already know the importance of education for healthy minds—and it’s equally essential for healthy bodies. Simply click the links below to download these materials. Use them at school, at childcare centers, at home, or anywhere students learn and play together.

This virtual toolkit features resources that are appropriate and engaging for students of all ages, including:

  • Lesson Plans designed to teach students about germs, handwashing, nutrition, exercise and other healthy habits.
  • Printable handouts and materials for the classroom and home to explain and remind students about important healthy behaviors they can practice each day.
  • Information on the Healthy Habits Tour program.

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