Councils are groups of three or more local PTA units organized under the authority of Georgia PTA for the purpose of conferences, leadership training, and coordination of the efforts of the local units. A council is the coordinating body that promotes communication and cooperation among member units and increases the capacity for service because of their united strength.A primary task of a council is to develop and strengthen PTA leadership. Council meetings and activities provide excellent opportunities for leadership development when good leadership skills are modeled, such as the president following proper procedures, committees making reports, studies being initiated and carried out, speakers being introduced, and potential problem situations being handled thoughtfully and effectively. Leadership development programs conducted by councils enhance PTA activities by providing well-informed, dedicated, and confident leaders.

Councils provide the following services:

  • Promote the basic policies of Georgia PTA. Coordinate local unit efforts within the area.
  • Identify schools that desire to be a PTA. Assist in organization of the PTA according to state bylaws.
  • Inform people of the need for group action through the united effort of local PTAs.
  • Promote the use of state and National PTA publications, programs, and projects.
  • Assist the local units in understanding and carrying out action requested by resolutions adopted at state and National PTA conventions.
  • Build local unit and public support for local, state, and National PTA legislative action.
  • Provide opportunities for PTAs to address legislative issues.
  • Provide leadership development and training.
  • Coordinate community projects.
  • Enhance communication among local units, the council, and the state.
  • Represent the interests of PTA before school districts within their geographic area and other appropriate organizations or advocacy groups.
  • Provide a forum for public information and debate on issues affecting children and youth, for candidates for public office, and for legislative and public policy matters.
  • Develop a cooperative relationship with the school district administration.
  • Work in cooperation with Georgia PTA to develop procedures for assisting local units when school district structure is changed (merging PTAs).

Councils and Districts

Glynn County Council (District 3)
Muscogee County Council (District 4)
Savannah Chatham County Council (District 6)
Clayton County Council (District 7)
Richmond County Council (District 8)
Douglas County Council (District 9)
East Cobb County Council (District 9)
Jessye Coleman County Council (District 9)
Marietta City Council (District 9)
Paulding County Council (District 9)
South Cobb Council (District 9)
Tom Mathis Sr. Council (District 9)
Atlanta Council (District 10)
North Fulton Council (District 10)
South Fulton Council (District 10)
Rockdale Council (District 11)
Region 1 Dekalb Council (District 11)
Region 2 Dekalb Council (District 11)
Area 1-Gwinnett Council (District 12)
Area 2-Gwinnett Council (District 12)
Area 3-Gwinnett Council (District 12)
Cherokee County Council (District 13)
Forsyth Council (D13) VACANT