Birney Butler PTA is a unit of the Georgia PTA and the National PTA. This statewide unit was organized to reach out to people who are leaders in the field of education or people who may no longer be active in PTA but continue to be interested in children’s issues. It enables those who may not be connected presently with a local unit to continue to be a part of PTA and chartered for the unique purpose of supporting the missions of PTA throughout the state of Georgia. By expanding access to PTA for those who may not have a direct relationship with a Local PTA in Georgia, Birney Butler PTA provides an opportunity for every voice to be heard.

With programs and service as our focus, membership in Birney Butler PTA allows students who do not attend a school served by a PTA to participate in the Reflections program. This is an exciting opportunity to bring the positive impact of PTA to every community in Georgia! Members should review program eligibility requirements to ensure participation.

As a member of Birney Butler PTA, you become a member of the country’s largest volunteer child advocacy association and join over 300,000 statewide members who care about the education, health and well-being of children and youth. Members meet once each year at the Georgia Convention Leadership Training. Each member receives a membership card, used to access member benefits and prove membership for voting privileges.

You are invited to show your support for all Georgia families by becoming a member today! Please consider adding your voice to the voice of countless other PTA members throughout the state and nation. Together, we make a bigger difference, just like the founders of PTA, Alice McLellan Birney and Selena Sloan Butler.

Important Reminders

Don’t forget to send in all membership dues to the state office via mail or use our preferred electronic membership provider Totem (online) by the last business day of each month. If you are not set up with Totem, please reach out to

Local units are to send in $3.75 per member to the state (Please refer to the Dues Remittance Form). Remember, to verify that your calculations are accurate. There can only be a whole person and not a half person. Example-10 members x $3.75 = $37.50- or 1,000-members x $3.75 = $3,750. All PTA/PTSA checks “Must” have two signatures (all check signers must be officers on the PTA/PTSA bank account).

The State Office will return checks for any dues amounts that do not equal $3.75 per person and only has one signature on the check(s).

Do not hesitate to contact our Membership Chair if you have any questions at

Georgia PTA
114 Baker St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30308